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The expert-psychologist of KFI Yurii Irkhin: psychotronic/psychotropic weapons do not exist

The Head of the Department of psychological research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, along with journalists analyzed the possibility of psychotronic effects on individual and mass consciousness.

The history of the use of this type of influence on humans and psychological wars in general causes many discussions among scientists. Among the available interpretations that are freely available, there is currently no paradigmatic relation to the key definitions of the appropriate terminology system. The effect of psychotropic effects on the human body is often called psychophysical, neuronal, non-lethal or even man-induced weapons.

“Psychotronic or psychotropic means that it changes the consciousness of a person, that is, qualitative and quantitative indicators of the basic mental processes: thinking, imagination, memory, speech, etc.”, explains the expert of KFI Yurii Irkhin. – It is possible to change consciousness not only with the help of psychotropic substances. For example, this can be done by direct impact on the main sensors, which a person does not have many. The sensor is a sensitive organ that perceives the environment. Affecting these sensory organs (the most common are auditory, visual and tactile) one can affect the mental state of a person.”

The expert-psychologist of KFI Yurii Irkhin, noted that people’s behavior can be changed in fairly simple ways. So, a sharp and sudden change in the temperature regime, an artificial change of day and night, eye contact and other factors can cause a noticeable impact.

“If these or similar actions are implemented technologically, with the specific goal of changing the behavior of a particular local group or individual, with a specially developed technology, plan or scenario, then conditionally such an effect can be called a weapon,” comments Yurii Irkhin.

The specialist of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise has described how often the conventional psychotronic weapons are used individually in everyday conditions and the general way of life of society.

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