Research of Photo, Portrait and Holographic Images

  • Research of Photo Images and Means of their Making
  • Identification of Persons for Material Images (On Grounds of Appearance)
  • Examination of Holographic Security Images and their Elements

The main objectives of this type of expertise are:

– to identify imaging equipment for the negatives, as well as equipment which was used for making positives (enlargers, shot frameworks etc.);

– to identify negatives for positives;

– to identify the type (brand) of photo and film materials used for shooting and for making photos and films;

– to identify objects, buildings and territories, reflected in the photographs (negatives) and video recordings;

– to determine technology and specifications of shooting, making photos, films and videos;

– to determine dimensional characteristics of images in photographs (film shots, video frames) or their negatives.

The main objective of portrait expertise is to identify the person (corpse) for images (photograph, negative) and video.