Land Distribution and Land Management The main tasks of land and technical expertise are: to determine the actual land use of a land plot, such as the physical characteristics of a land plot (configuration, size, measurements, etc.); to determine the accordance of actual location of buildings, structures and other objects in respect of land plot boundaries with their location in the relevant technical documentation; to determine the accordance of actual land use in violation of the limits and the imposition of land plots under legal documents and documentationЧитати далі →

STUDY OF HANDWRITING AND SIGNATURES The indicative list of tasks Identification tasks – identification of a specific executor of a manuscript or execution of several manuscripts by one or different persons by using the method of forensic handwriting identification examination. Namely: identification of the person of the executor of the manuscript or its fragment; establishing the fact of execution of various manuscripts or their fragments by one or different persons; exclusion of the performer on the basis of established persistent differences. Diagnostic tasks are establishing the conditions ofЧитати далі →

Questioned Document Examination is a traditional forensic examination, the main purpose of which is the established methods of making a document, the facts and ways of changing its content. 1. TYPES OF QUESTIONED DOCUMENT EXAMINATION The objects of examination include the following documents: banknotes that are or were in official circulation; travel documents (tickets for travel by any means of transport and for the carriage of goods); signs of postage (postage stamps, envelopes with stamps, postcards with stamps, etc.); tickets for lotteries and instant lotteries; documents proving identity,Читати далі →

BALLISTIC RESEARCH OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION The indicative list of tasks establishing the belonging of objects to firearms or firing products structurally similar to it; establishing the belonging of objects to ammunition of firearms or structurally similar products; determination of the type, system (model) and caliber of firearms and ammunition for it, as well as structurally similar products; determination of the state (serviceability) of weapons, ammunition for it and its suitability for shooting; establishing the method of manufacturing or the fact of processing firearms, ammunition for it andЧитати далі →

Research of Human and Animal Trace\s Research of Tools, Machines and their Traces Identification of an Object for its Piecemeal Criminalistic Research of Vehicles Examinations of Identification Numbers and Relief Signs Research of Bladed Weapon Fingerprint Examinations The main objectives of trasological expertise are to identify or determine the genus (group) affiliation of individually defined objects for aterially fixed traces – prints of their trace-forming surfaces; to diagnose (to detect properties and states) objects; to determine mechanism of trace-forming etc. Trasological expertise can also detect facts which areЧитати далі →

RESEARCH OF EXPLOSIVE DEVICES, TRACES AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE EXPLOSION The indicative list of tasks determining the fact of an explosive device explosion at the scene; determining the type of explosion; determining the object belonging to explosive devices (ammunition) and determining the classification category of the device; determination of the explosive power of the explosive device; description of the design of the device and the method of its manufacture; establishing the ability of the device to cause an explosion and the possibility of the device’s explosion in specificЧитати далі →

Research of Photo Images and Means of their Making Identification of Persons for Material Images (On Grounds of Appearance) Examination of Holographic Security Images and their Elements The main objectives of this type of expertise are: – to identify imaging equipment for the negatives, as well as equipment which was used for making positives (enlargers, shot frameworks etc.); – to identify negatives for positives; – to identify the type (brand) of photo and film materials used for shooting and for making photos and films; – to identify objects,Читати далі →

Technical Examinations of Materials and Devices of Video, Sound Recording Research on the Physical Parameters of Speech, Acoustic Signals and Media linguistic Examinations of Speech The main objectives of this type of expertise are: – to determine technical specifications and technology of Video and Sound Recording ; – to identify the person by physical parameters of the voice.Читати далі →

Research of Paints and Coatings Examinations of Polymer Materials, Plastics and Products of them Research of Fibrous Materials and Products of them Examinations of Petroleum Products and Lubricants Examinations of Glass, Ceramics and Products of them Examinations of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances, their Analogues and Precursors Research of Alcohol Mixtures Soil Analysis Examinations of Metals and Alloys Research on Presence of Harmful Substances in the Environment Research of Chemical Substances and Special Chemical Substances Research of Food Products Research of Potent and Poisonous Substances The main tasks commonЧитати далі →

The subject of forensic biological examination is factual data of identification, classification, diagnostic and situational nature, established using a complex of knowledge in the field of biology regarding objects of plant and animal origin and to the subject of evidence in criminal or civil cases. Biological examination has two areas of expert research: research of objects of plant origin; research of objects of animal origin; The objects of forensic botanical examination are particles of woody, shrubby and herbaceous plants (roots, rhizomes, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, fruits, bark, wood,Читати далі →