Судова почеркознавча експертиза у КНДІСЕ

Handwriting examination

STUDY OF HANDWRITING AND SIGNATURES The indicative list of tasks Identification tasks – identification of a specific executor of a manuscript or execution of severalRead More →

Експертиза зброї та слідів і обставин її використання у КНДІСЕ

Examination of Weapon

BALLISTIC RESEARCH OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION The indicative list of tasks establishing the belonging of objects to firearms or firing products structurally similar to it;Read More →

Трасологічна експертиза у КНДІСЕ

Trace Examination

Research of Human and Animal Trace\s Research of Tools, Machines and their Traces Identification of an Object for its Piecemeal Criminalistic Research of Vehicles ExaminationsRead More →

Вибухотехнічна експертиза у КНДІСЕ

Explosives examination

RESEARCH OF EXPLOSIVE DEVICES, TRACES AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE EXPLOSION The indicative list of tasks determining the fact of an explosive device explosion at theRead More →

Біологічна експертиза у КНДІСЕ


The subject of forensic biological examination is factual data of identification, classification, diagnostic and situational nature, established using a complex of knowledge in the fieldRead More →

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