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Trace Examination

  • Research of Human and Animal Trace\s
  • Research of Tools, Machines and their Traces
  • Identification of an Object for its Piecemeal
  • Criminalistic Research of Vehicles
  • Examinations of Identification Numbers and Relief Signs
  • Research of Bladed Weapon
  • Fingerprint Examinations

The main objectives of trasological expertise are to identify or determine the genus (group) affiliation of individually defined objects for aterially fixed traces – prints of their trace-forming surfaces; to diagnose (to detect properties and states) objects; to determine mechanism of trace-forming etc.

Trasological expertise can also detect facts which are spatial, functional, structural, dynamic and some other characteristics of trace-forming process and special features of trace-forming objects. Trasological examination may include questions on the presence on the scene objects of the traces of interaction with other objects, the suitability of these traces to be identified or the presence of the features that guide the search for these objects.

Additional information is provided in paragraphs 5-16 Section I of Scientific Guidance on the preparation and the appointment of forensic examinations and expert studies, approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 08.10.1998 № 53/5 (amended).