Computers and telecommunications technical expertise

Examinations of Computer Hardware and Software

The main objectives of the examinations of computer equipment and software include:

  • to determine a working condition of computer and technical means;
  • to find out the circumstances related to the use of computer-technical equipment, information and software;
  • to identify information and software contained on computer media;
  • to determine the compliance of the software with specific versions or requirements for its development.

Examinations of Telecommunication Systems (Equipment) and Means

The main objectives of this type of expertise are

  • to determine the characteristics and parameters of telecommunication systems and facilities;
  • to detect the facts and methods of transmission (receipt) of information in telecommunication systems;
  • to detect the facts and methods of access to systems and information resources in the field of telecommunications;
  • to determine the quality of telecommunication services at the level of consumption;
  • to determine the configuration and working condition of telecommunication systems and facilities;
  • to identify the type, model and other classification categories of telecommunication systems and equipment;
  • to analyze algorithms for processing information and its protection in the field of telecommunications.