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Experts of KFI took part in the workshop “Prospects for the development of forensic commodity expertise”

Experts from Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine became participants in a scientific-practical workshop on: “Prospects for the development of forensic commodity expertise”, which was held in Ternopil. The workshop was organized by the Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

During the event KFI was represented by the delegation consisting of Olena Pavlenko, the Deputy Head of the Department of Commodity Research and Research on Intellectual Property, Halyna Koptsiukh, chief forensic expert of Ternopil Branch, Yurii Okoch, senior forensic expert of the Zhytomyr Branch, Mykhailo Diachuk, senior forensic expert of the Zhytomyr Branch, Tetiana Matus, forensic expert of Khmelnytskyi Branch and Iryna Sanda, forensic expert of Ivano-Frankivsk Branch.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the practical situations that arise during the commodity forensic expertise as well as familiarization with the experience of specialists during the forensic commodity expertise in specialty 12.1 “Determination of the cost of machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumer goods”.

Within two working days the participants heard reports on the following topics:

  • Conducting complex commodity research and forensic research of materials, substances and products;
  • Problematic issues of appointment and conducting of forensic commodity examinations;
  • Problems of classification of research objects in a judicial commodity-related expert examination;
  • Problematic issues in the selection of objects of comparison during the conduct of forensic commodity expertise;
  • Procedure for conducting a forensic commodity expertise in case of absence of the object of research (on the documents provided);
  • Correction coefficients when applying a comparative approach, etc.
  • Issues of determining the value of complex equipment and machines, personal computers, laptops and tablets, bicycles, cable products, scrap metal, etc. have became topical as well.

In general, the workshop participants discussed many important topics, exchanged practical experience and their own developments in the field of commodity research.

The communication took place in a warm atmosphere; the participants listened to the reports from speakers and expert presentations that addressed both problematic issues and new methods in the work of specialists in forensic commodity expertise. It is worth noting that each report contained a discussion block. In conclusion, the participants summarized the work and determined the prospects for the development of this direction for the future.

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