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A regular working meeting of the participants in the project “EU-ACT:EU Action Against Drugs and Organized Crime” took place in KFI

A regular working meeting of participants of the European Union project “EU-Act: EU action against drugs and organized crime: enhanced cooperation and capacity building to address drug-related organized crime along the heroin route” took place at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

On the agenda was a discussion of the proposal to create an interdepartmental working group, which will be engaged in the development of issues of combating drug trafficking in the criminalistics. In particular, it was about a general plan for improving the work of Ukrainian laboratories, creating a single center that would improve the coordination work and the exchange of information from expert laboratories, expanding the base of standard samples for laboratories, etc.

It should be reminded that KFI is an independent base for conducting expert research in more than 95 expert areas and has 105 years of experience in conducting specialized types of research.

Every year, the experts of KFI conduct a large number of examinations of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors, and solve a number of issues that are not being implemented by any other institution of our state, in particular, research the equipment of illegal drug-producing laboratories.

Experts of KFI systematically improve their skills and participate in international scientific events devoted to the study of narcotic substances. The cooperation in this field with the working group on drugs of ENFSI is active as well.

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