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The collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” received an assessment of the Index Copernicus International database for 2020

The collection “Criminalistics and Forensics”, since 2017, is included in the international Index Copernicus International database.

Index Copernicus (IC) is an online database with user-entered information, including scientific institutions, printed publications, created in 1999 in Poland. The database has several tools for assessing performance, which allow you to track the impact of research papers and publications, individual scientists or research institutions on the performance of the publication.

Since 2017, the collection has undergone a multidimensional evaluation process and is indexed in the ICI Journals Master List. Thus, the collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” for 2017 is estimated at 49.09 out of 100.

Instead, based on the verification of information from the questionnaire and the analysis of the issue for 2020, Index Copernicus experts set the value of Index Copernicus Value ICV 2020 = 77.55 out of 100.

The obtained ICV score for 2020 can be checked in the ICI Journals Master List 2020https://journals.indexcopernicus.com/search/formjml, as well as in the Passport of the Journal https://journals.indexcopernicus.com/search/details?id=50823&lang = pl

It should be noted that Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise is constantly increasing its position in scientific activities; from year to year, the indicators of the collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” are growing, indicating the high quality and relevance of scientific materials published in the publication.

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