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The expert of KFI took part in the meeting of the Working Group on the Investigation of Fire and Explosions of ENFSI

Oleksandr Shmereho, the Head of the Department for Research in Life Safety, Fire Technical and Electrical Engineering Research of KFI took part in a meeting of the working group on the investigation of Fire and Explosions of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes.

The event was held in the capital of the Republic of Estonia, Tallinn, with the participation of more than 50 representatives of leading expert institutions of the European Union countries.

Within four working days, the participants worked in groups divided into sub-committees according to narrowly specialized directions, namely: the place of fire and fire accelerants.

At joint plenary sessions, reports were considered on the development of a fire scene using UV radiation; traces of emergency modes of electrical equipment related to fire; the presence of the fuel used as a fire accelerant; research of fire debris and etc.

A separate topic during the work was considered a map of actions on the site of the fire. The program is designed for the first responder in the field of research that arrives at the fire scene, but its contents can also be used by other experts to determine the necessary location, to assess how further the investigation of the fire will be conducted. This issue is especially relevant in view of the fact that during the investigation the first responder is responsible for the initial activities.

In general, the meeting contributed to the exchange of experience of specialists and the establishment of international communication in the field of investigation of fire and explosions.

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