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The expert of KFI took part in the anti-corruption workshop of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

On November 21 and 22, 2023, an anti-corruption workshop “Implementation of Infrastructure Projects: Preventing Corruption Risks and Ensuring Transparency” was held in Dnipro, organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Oleksii Komandyrov, Head of the Project Documentation Research Department of the Laboratory of Engineering and Technical Research of KFI, was invited to speak at the workshop as a speaker and facilitator with a presentation on “Construction and Technical Expertise of Construction, Reconstruction and Repair of Infrastructure Facilities (Buildings, Structures, etc.)”. In order to consolidate the knowledge gained by the participants of the event, the expert prepared a practical exercise based on the report, which contained the following questions:

  • – objects of construction and technical expertise, goals and objectives of construction and technical expertise;
  • – an indicative list of issues to be resolved within the framework of construction and technical expertise and the reasons for the appointment of forensic examination;
  • – subjects of forensic expert activity and their powers;
  • – the terms of the forensic construction and technical examination and possible actions in case the examination is delayed and cannot be completed within a reasonable term;
  • – the impact of the selected research methods and techniques on the expert’s conclusion, indicating real examples of the impact of the use of various methods and techniques on the results of the examination;
  • – reasons for appealing the forensic examination, appointment of a repeated forensic construction and technical examination;
  • – the most common problematic issues during the conducting of construction and technical expertise and the ways to solve them (with a focus on specific examples of real construction projects for budgetary funds).


Holding such events is very important for the reconstruction of our country from the consequences of the military aggression of the Russian Federation and ensuring transparent and targeted use of financial assistance from Ukraine’s partner countries.

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