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General issues of forensic expertise. Useful literature.

As it is known from literary sources, the word “expertise” came to us from the Latin language and literally translates “experienced”. Modern legislation defines the notion of forensic expertise as an expert’s study on the basis of special knowledge of material objects, phenomena and processes that contain information about the circumstances of the case in the proceedings of the preliminary investigation bodies or the court.

According to Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Expertise”, forensic experts may be persons who have the necessary knowledge to provide an opinion on the issues under investigation. Forensic experts of state specialized institutions can be specialists who have a corresponding higher education, an educational and qualification level not lower than a specialist and have been adequately trained and qualified for a forensic expert in a certain specialty.

In their activity specialists of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise are guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Expertise”, the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities”, procedural legislation and other laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, orders and regulations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and other normative legal acts. Certainly this list is supplemented by special literature.

Citizens who want to get acquainted with the general issues of forensic expertise, the processes of appointing forensic expertise and expert studies, appropriate methods of their conducting, the scientific staff of the Research and Development Department for the activities of the Academic Council and as well the editorial and publishing activities KFI, have prepared a list of useful literature:

  • Експертизи у судовій практиці / КНДІСЕ, Акад. адвокатури України: наук.-практ. посібник; за заг. ред. В. Г. Гончаренка. – 2-ге вид., перероб. і доп. – К.: Юрінком Інтер, 2010. – 400 с.: іл.
  • Експертизи у судовій практиці / КНДІСЕ, Акад. адвокатури України: наук.-практ. посібник; за заг. ред. В. Г. Гончаренка. О. В. Крутя. – К. : Юрінком Інтер, 2005. – 388 с.: іл.
  • Експертизи в судовій практиці / КНДІСЕ; В. Г. Гончаренко, В. Є. Бергер, Л. П. Булига та ін. – К.: Либідь, 1993. – 197 с.: іл.
  • Экспертизы в судебной практике: учеб. пособие / В. И. Гончаренко, В. Е. Бергер, Т. В. Варфоломеева и др. – К.: Вища шк., 1987. – 200 с.: ил.
  • Судебные экспертизы: возможности, подготовка материалов, назначение, оценка. / Минюст УССР, МВД УССР; И. П. Кононенко и др. – К.: РИО МВД УССР, 1981. – 414 с.
  • Щербаковский М. Г. Судебные экспертизы: назначение, производство, использование / М. Г. Щербаковский. – Х..: Эспада, 2005. – 544 с.
  • Судова експертиза: нормативно-правове регулювання та наукові коментарі (навч.-наук. посібник). – Х.: Одіссей, 2004. – 448 с.
  • Клименко Н. І. Судова експертологія. Курс лекцій: навч. посіб. / Н. І. Клименко. – К.: Видав. дім ін ЮРЕ, 2007. – 528 с.

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