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February 16 is the Day of Unity in Ukraine

On February 16, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Unity. The relevant Decree “On urgent measures to consolidate Ukrainian society” was signed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy exactly a year ago on the eve of russia’s full-scale invasion of  Ukraine.

The national holiday was to strengthen the consolidation of Ukrainian society and to show resilience to the growth of hybrid threats and information and propaganda influence on our consciousness.

And Ukrainians have become a single family this year. We have withstood the terrible year of 2022 and hope to celebrate the victory of the great Ukrainian people in 2023.

We steadfastly repel the occupier who encroaches on our independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity.  On this day, Ukrainians will raise the national flag of Ukraine, showing the whole world the strength of the Ukrainian people and their indomitable desire for peace.

We continue to demonstrate our unity and invincibility, we continue to stand side by side in defence of the principles that our state defends.

We remain convinced that the strength of Ukrainians is invincible in our unity and unity!

Honor to all who today stand up for our state. Let us remember those who gave their lives for Ukraine!

We are strong! We are free! We are together!

Glory to Ukraine!

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