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Congratulations on the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine!

National Flag Day is a celebration of all generations of the Ukrainians. It is a tribute to the symbol of a state that had a long path, sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic. Under the native flag, the Ukrainian people approved the eternal dream of statehood, collegiality and independence.

National Flag of Ukraine is a sacred amulet, a symbol of the unity and invincibility of our people. The noble blue and yellow colors of the sky and wheat symbolize the great work of our people, the embodiment of the dreams of their predecessors about the freedom and independence of Ukraine, a sense of national unity.

The staff of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, headed by director Oleksandr Ruvin, joins the celebration of the National Flag Day, honoring the centuries-old history of the Ukrainian state-building, state symbols of Ukraine.

On the occasion of the holiday, we sincerely wish everyone success in the development of our Ukrainian state, inspiration for future great achievements, fortitude and good health, harmony to all of us and faith in our Motherland! Glory to Ukraine!

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