The first working meeting of the Technical Committee 192 “Forensic Sciences” was held on the basis of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise which deals with the development of national standards, including those harmonized with international standards in the field of forensic examinations.

This work will contribute to organizational and methodological support in the field of forensic examinations, a unified approach to work with material evidence, conducting of forensic examinations, measurement integrity, technical and information compatibility, comparability of research results, unification work in the field of forensic expert activity, etc.

Representatives of scientific, educational, enterprises and organizations working in the field of forensic expertise took part in the meeting.

The agenda included issues related to the creation and organization of work of subcommittees and working groups within TC 192 “Forensic Sciences” as well as planning and approval of the work program of the TC for 2018-2019.