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We thank the defenders of Ukraine!

Today, thousands of brave soldiers are defending our freedom, will and independence at the front. We are going through difficult times, but each of us believes that Ukraine will win. And this faith makes us strong, courageous, and resilient.

Experts of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine also joined the ranks of defenders of our state. We are proud of our colleagues who, when the threat loomed over our country, did not hesitate to courageously defend their homeland. In these difficult times for Ukraine, you are performing a feat every day, defending your native land from the Russian aggressor with weapons in hand. We bow low to the bright memory of those who died in an unequal battle with the invaders of our Ukraine.

Ukrainian defenders are heroes for all of Ukraine, and it is thanks to them that Ukraine was, is and will be!

 We are strong! We are free! We will win!

Glory to the defenders of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

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