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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise congratulates on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Today, on the Constitution Day of Ukraine on June 28, 2023, we are at the crossroads of important historical events. Ukraine faces a difficult test in the form of a full-scale invasion by russia, but our courage and determination show that the Ukrainian people are steadfast in their struggle for independence and freedom.

The Constitution of Ukraine is the basis of our democratic society, guarantees the rights and freedoms of every citizen, and defines the principles of government and the principles of functioning of our state.

Each year, Constitution Day reminds every citizen of his rights and duties. And today, when Ukraine is experiencing a full-scale invasion by Russia, the meaning of rights, duties and freedoms sounds even more acute for every Ukrainian. Because now we know for sure that, in fact, the Constitution is deeply imprinted in the heart of every Ukrainian. Through respect, unity, and willingness to help, protect and fight together for our freedom and independence.

During the long period of confrontation, we, Ukrainians, showed great fortitude, heroism and unity. We have become a shield defending our country, our families and the future of our descendants. Our invincibility and commitment to the principles of democracy and the rule of law amaze the whole world. We continue to prove that freedom and independence have no price, and we are always ready to stand up for our Ukraine. The Constitution of Ukraine is a reflection of all our aspirations and principles, and views on how it should be a state system.

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise sincerely congratulates the Constitution Day of Ukraine and wishes peace, security and unity. We believe that our struggle will end in victory, and Ukraine will become an even stronger and more prosperous state. And the Constitution of Ukraine will always remain our powerful symbol and support in our common struggle because the Ukrainian people – in freedom. We are a free people and will remain so forever!

Glory to Ukraine!

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