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Happy National Emblem Day!

Today, on February 19, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of the State Emblem. This date is dedicated to the solemn approval of the Emblem of Ukraine, which took place in 1992.

The Coat of Arms of Ukraine is one of the main symbols of the state and an important element of national identity that reflects the historical and cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people.

By choosing the Trident as its small coat of arms after declaring independence, Ukraine demonstrated its continuity with the traditions of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. On February 25, 1918, the Ukrainian People’s Republic approved the “sign of the Kyivan State of the times of Volodymyr the Holy” as the national emblem of Ukraine, emphasizing the continuity from previous periods of our country’s history.

During the full-scale invasion of Russia, the Ukrainian coat of arms plays an important role as a symbol of resilience, heroism and will to independence demonstrated by the entire Ukrainian people in the fight against the invaders.

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