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Yurii Irkhin, the expert-psychologist of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise told the journalists of “Priamyi” TV channel about the consequences of psychological trauma and the rehabilitation of the servicemen

The current situation of Ukrainian society forms a special request for psychological support and assistance to certain categories of citizens. The events taking place in Ukraine over the past years have caused the need for social and psychological support for entire social groups of people.

Yuri Irkhin, the Head of the Department of Psychological Research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, answered questions of the journalists of “Priamyi” TV channel and explained why servicemen also need help and support.

“I am convinced that the statistics of suicides among servicemen is now much higher than in peacetime – these are the consequences of psychological traumas. I am sure that these figures are too high among people who have been in military service for some time and are currently living in a civil life. The reason for such actions is not the psychological trauma received during the service, but the actual consequences of their perception in the environment and the situation in which the person returns,” says Yurii Irkhin, the expert-psychologist of KFI. – For example, a citizen who sacrificed his health for patriotism returns to the conditions of social injustice. He has devastation and a desperate situation, the way out of which is difficult to find.”

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