Yurii Irkhin, the expert of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the head of the psychological research spoke as a speaker in the film of the TV studio of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine against drug addiction and alcoholism in favor of a healthy life style.

The video tape will be shown in the educational institutions of Ukraine with the purpose of preventive of drug addiction in adolescence when the curiosity and the desire to experience new impressions encourage children to use psychotropic drugs.

According to the ideological founders of this project in recent decades there has been a rapid increase in drug addiction and its rejuvenation. A considerable number of youth people and adolescents are involved in the circle of drug users, so it is unacceptable to delay the solution of the problem.

Yurii Irkhin, the expert with many years of experience, explained the negative social, legal and medical consequences of drug addiction as well as commented the frequented ways of using drugs that are chosen by the most vulnerable categories of people.