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Yurii Irkhin, a leading expert psychologist of KFI, gave an interview to the television channel “ICTV”

Yurii Irkhin, Head of the Department of Psychological Research of KFI, helped the journalists of the television channel “ICTV” to explain another resonant event. A recent attempt of assassination of Adam Osmaiev’s life was a theme of the interview with the expert. It was referred to the peculiarities of the behavior of the participants of the event in extreme conditions, the psychological reaction of the people to danger situations as well as general crime situation in Ukraine.

“Today in our country to find a killer it is simple enough. Unfortunately, we have so many people who are below the poverty line and they are disoriented in life. These are citizens who there are no goals in life, so they are ready to commit a crime and even more to kill someone for a good reward. Moreover, a degree of prosperity and luxury is different for each person. For someone big money can be several hundred UAH and they will cost the life of another person”, – noted the expert psychologist Yurii Irkhin.

The expert of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise also commented and explained possible reasons that lead people to commit various types of offenses and the consequences of their influence on society.

It should be noted that the experts of the Department of Psychological Research of KFI headed by Yurii Irkhin today are implementing complex and comprehensive psychological researches, including the use of the computer polygraph.

The psychological experts were involved to conduct forensic psychological examinations with the use of the computer polygraph under investigation, judicial review of offences in the following spheres:

  • crimes against human life and health;
  • crimes against freedom, honor and dignity of the person;
  • crimes against sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of the person;
  • crimes against electoral, labor and other personal rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen;
  • crimes against property;
  • crimes against public security;
  • crimes in the sphere of official activities and professional activities related to the provision of public services;
  • crimes against justice;
  • civil proceedings.

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