Mykola Shyshov, Head of the Department of Land Management and Land Evaluation of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise became a participant of the workshop on the topic: “New changes in land legislation and the practice of its implementation. Key changes for agrarians. New Law of Ukraine No. 2498 – VIII.”

Land-technical, land evaluation and expertise on land management issues are one of the most popular types of forensic examinations. Specialists of KFI conduct research on the allocation of land and determine the order of land use, assessment of land, land surveying, etc. Relevant areas of work require comprehensive and systematic monitoring of changes in legislation.

During the workshop the participants had the opportunity to listen to the reports on the following topics:

  • New changes in the land legislation of Ukraine;
  • Acquisition of land rights;
  • Lease (sublease) of land: features of lease of land for various purposes, including state enterprises. Management of leased land;
  • Land lease agreement. Conclusion, prolongation, changes in conditions, registration and termination of lease agreements. Requirements for lease agreements. Risks. Nonconformities and ways of protection;
  • Lease of land: contracts and alternatives to land lease, including depending on features;
  • Registration of plots in the State Land Cadastre. State Land Cadastre: functioning, order of conduct;
  • Registration of real rights to land;
  • Establishment and change of the purpose of land (features by categories);
  • Land under real estate objects. Land for construction;
  • Specific purpose lands. Features of acquisition of rights in the land of transport, communication, energy, industry;
  • Land disputes. New practice in land disputes and so on.

The workshop became a platform for exchange of ideas and experience, coordination of participants’ actions.