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We sincerely wish you happy Easter holidays!

Dear colleagues, friends,

Please accept my sincere congratulations on a joyful and magnificent Christian holiday – the Resurrection of Christ! This bright holiday in memory of the miracle of the resurrection of the Son of God has been celebrated by Christians all over the world for many centuries. Easter traditions are passed on from generation to generation; many of them are performed in our time.

On this holiday, we sincerely wish the joy of the Resurrection of Christ to fill the heart, and the light of divine love to warm up relatives and loved ones. We wish peacefully, calmly, confidently to go a certain path of truth and faith.

May your souls be rich for goodness, like a festive table, clean as an Easter towel and Ukrainian painted eggs. May Easter bells bring joy, faith, hope and love to your home. We wish you earthly blessings!


Oleksandr Ruvin

Director of Kyiv Scientific

Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

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