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We should remember the past for the sake of the future!

The Second World War did not bypass any Ukrainian family. We still remember the stories of grandmothers and grandfathers about those terrible times. Throughout history, Ukrainians with weapons in their hands defended their land from enemy attacks. The connection between generations of defenders of Ukraine is inextricably linked. These days we traditionally honor the memory of the defenders of Ukraine, who fought and won on various lands and continents during the Second World War.

The Ukrainians showed their heroic courage in the fight against Nazism. Here are a few facts about World War II and Ukraine:

– Every fifth Ukrainian was killed in this terrible war. From 41.7 million people who lived before the war in the Ukrainian SSR, for 1945 there were only 27.4 million.

– For the Ukrainians, the war began in March 1938, when, as a result of the Munich collusion, the Hungarian troops captured the Carpathian Ukraine.

– The flag of victory over the Reichstag was raised by the Ukrainian Oleksii Berest, and Michael Strenk the American of the Lemkiv origin installed the US flag in honor of Japan’s surrender.

– October 24, 1945 for a special contribution to the victory over Nazism, Ukraine was given the right to become one of the 50 founding states of the United Nations.

Today we honor our respected citizens – the people of the older generation: the soldiers of all armies defeated the Nazis, the workers of the rear, the children of war, workers of enterprises and martyrs of Nazi concentration camps.

We should remember the past for the sake of the future! Congratulations on the Victory Day over Nazism in the Second World War!

Glory to the heroes and lest we forget!

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