Влад Смірнов КНДІСЕ

On October 3, 2021, Vladyslav Smirnov, Senior Forensic Expert of the Forensic Speech, Audio Analysis and Forensic Information Technology Department, took part in the 22nd meeting of the ENFSI Expert Working Group Forensic Speech and Audio Analysis (FSAAWG).

FSAAWG includes a large number of forensic and scientific laboratories from more than 20 countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, the USA, Turkey and others.

The purpose of the Working Groups is to facilitate the development of methodologies used in forensic speaker recognition.

During the meeting of the 22nd Expert Working Group, the issues of classification of microphones in terms of noise, recording properties and programs for recording audio on Android for forensic analysis and forensic database of different languages ​​were considered.

The participants of the meeting were also presented with a new “Best Practice Manual for the Methodology of Forensic Speaker Comparison” and a practical guide to best practices in the methodology of forensic speech comparison.