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The National Standards developed by the Technical Committee 192 “Forensic Sciences” are accepted

Developed by the Technical Committee 192 “Forensic Sciences” (hereinafter referred to as TC 192 “Forensic Sciences”) standards were adopted by the National Standards Body. The National Standards Body functions in Ukraine, according to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 26.11.2014 No. 1163 “On defining the state-owned enterprise to act as a National Standards Body” the functions of  NSB are performed by the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Scientific Research and Training Center for Standardization, Certification and Quality Problems” (SE “UkrNDNC”).

In accordance with the order of SE “UkrNDNC” dated 18.10.2021 No. 358 “On the adoption and abolition of national standards” was adopted developed by the TC 192 “Forensic Sciences” DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 9122: 2021 “Forensic handwriting examination. Terms and definitions”.

According to the Order of the State Enterprise “UkrNDNC” dated 08.11.2021 No. 410 “On the Adoption of the National Standard” adopted by TC 192 “Forensic Sciences” DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 9135: 2021 “Forensic biological examination. Molecular genetic research. Terms and definitions”.

By the Order of the State Enterprise “UkrNDNC” dated 10.12.2021 No. 496 “On Adoption of the National Standards” the following standards were adopted, which were developed by TC 192 “Forensic Sciences”:

  • DSTU ISO 21043-1: 2021 (ISO 21043-1: 2018, IDT) Forensic Sciences. Part 1: Terms and definitions;
  • DSTU ISO 21043-2: 2021 (ISO 21043-2: 2018, IDT) Forensic Sciences — Part 2: Recognition, recording, collecting, transport and storage of items

The standards developed by TC 192 “Forensic Science” are harmonized with European and international regulations and will promote the development of forensic science in Ukraine, taking into account European and world experience. 

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