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The KFI expert participated in the workshop “Implementation of infrastructure projects: preventing corruption risks and ensuring transparency” as a speaker

On June 12-13, 2024, a workshop on “Implementation of Infrastructure Projects: Preventing Corruption Risks and Ensuring Transparency” was held in Ternopil. At the invitation of the key expert on anti-corruption activities of the UNDP Country Team in Ukraine, Oleksii Komandyrov, Head of the Department for Research on the Volume, Quality and Cost of Construction Works of the Laboratory of Engineering and Technical Research of the KFI, participated in the event as a speaker.

During the report, Oleksiy Komandyrov highlighted the issues of construction and technical expertise of construction, reconstruction and repair of infrastructure facilities, in particular, the most common grounds for opening criminal proceedings in the restoration of infrastructure facilities, the main risk areas in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure facilities, the reasons for discrepancies between expert opinions when applying different methods of determining the cost of design work and the volume and cost of work performed, and gave practical examples.

The expert also prepared and conducted a number of practical tasks for the workshop participants, aimed at developing skills in identifying and preventing the risks of corruption at all stages of construction projects.

As a result of the workshop, the participants considered a number of important and controversial issues on this topic, highlighted the key functions of the forensic examination institute, and highlighted the practical aspects of interaction between customers, contractors, investigative authorities and forensic experts in compliance with the control procedure for the implementation of such facilities.

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