завідувач відділу психологічних досліджень Київського НДІСЕ

Recently, in the capital and other cities of Ukraine, cases of telephone terrorism have become more frequent. Unknowns report on the mining of hospitals, schools and maternity hospitals. Journalists of the information program “Windows News” of the STB channel turned to psychology experts from Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise to find out the psychological portrait of people who are able to receive such offenses and the purpose of their actions.

Yurii Irkhin, Head of the department of psychological research of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise said that the so-called portrait of a miner-terrorist does not really exist. From the point of view of psychology, telephone mining belongs to telephone terrorism and is a terrorist act, the threat of its occurrence.

“In general, the psychological portrait of a telephone mine layer corresponds to the general psychological portrait of a terrorist. Terrorism differs from other types of crimes (targeted massacres, etc.) by the presence of a certain ideal idea, – the expert says and adds that the material aim in this segment of crimes happens in isolated cases. – Cases of the threat of mine-laying to earn money are not often. Basically, these are ideal non-material ideas for solving certain issues, the political sphere, the sphere of social life, etc.”