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The experts of KFI were the speakers of the round table “Pressing Problems of Environmental and Land Law”

Victoriia Savchak, the leading researcher of the Department of Land Management and Land Evaluation of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise was the speaker during the round table “Pressing Problems of Environmental and Land Law”.

The event was held at the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and was dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Science.

Practitioner and scientist Viktoriia Savchak in an interesting and accessible form told the students about the stages of land expertise, provided examples from her own professional activity.

Students learned that land technical expertise at the time is one of the most widespread and popular expertise. The need for its implementation arises when resolving land disputes related to the section of the land plot, definition of its site and borders, imposing plots one by one, errors in the area, etc. In addition, there are different subspecies of land-technical expertise that help to resolve other controversial issues.

The listeners had the opportunity to ask additional questions after the speech of the expert of KFI. In general, the meeting was useful and productive.

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