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The experts of KFI discussed with colleagues and representatives of authorities the implementation of the reform of forensic examination

The experts of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise have joined the work of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

On June 7, 2017, Tetiana Holikova, Deputy Director on expert work of KFI, Andrii Poltavskyi, Assistant Director, and Mykola Molyboha, a leading specialist of the department of trace evidence, ballistic researches and technical research documents, took part in a round-table work on reforming the forensic expertise as a part of judicial system.

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the findings of the Drafts of Laws “On Forensic Activities” (registration number 6264), “On Amendments to the Code of Commercial Procedure of Ukraine, the Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine and other legislative acts” in the part related to forensic activities (registration number 6232) and “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Expertise”” (registration number 6244).

To agenda the following questions were submitted:

  • legal regulation of relations related to the carrying out of forensic examinations;
  • relevance of reforms of forensic expertise;
  • types of forensic examinations which are used under researches by state forensic experts and independent experts;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the forensic examination carrying out by state and independent (private) forensic experts;
  • participation of forensic experts in the techniques’ writing for conducting forensic examinations.

The participants of this meeting by common efforts tried to find promising ways to overcome the main system deficiencies in the judicial system by improving legislation in the field forensic examinations and discussed the relevant legal initiatives.

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