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The expert of the KFI participated in the seminar on prevention of firearms trafficking in Madrid (Spain)

On November 06 and 07, 2023, the Head of the Department of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Ihor Chaliuk, took part in the planned activities for PEUE23 “Seminar on the prevention of firearms trafficking, in particular PMF (privately manufactured firearms), 3D weapons”, which was organized by the Guardia Civil in Madrid (Spain).

During the seminar, the world’s leading experts shared their experience in the use of 3D technologies in the manufacture of firearms and discussed the state of national legislation regulating the functioning of 3D technologies in the manufacture of firearms in the world.

In the course of the work, the issues of researching traces, technologies and possibilities of identifying firearms manufactured with 3D technology were considered; the law enforcement community and forensic experts discussed issues related to the analysis and examination of firearms manufactured with 3D printers, as well as issues related to countering the illegal production of firearms with the help of 3D printers.

The seminar featured an exhibition of various types of printers and samples of firearms made with 3D technology.

The issue of manufacturing drones and auxiliary equipment, including the recycling of ammunition produced with the help of 3D technology, which are used in Ukraine during the war with the Russian Federation, was also raised.

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