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The exhibition of objects of art was held at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

The exhibition of objects of art was held at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise.

The exposition presented the works of Serhii Shyshko, who is included in the rating of the most famous Ukrainian artists. The works of the painter are distinguished by high skill and exquisite color. In his creative work, Serhii Shyshko continued and developed the traditions of the classics of the Ukrainian landscape; he is the author of a series of landscapes of the city of Kyiv and its suburbs.

An interesting exhibit was the painting “Danaë” by an unknown author – a copy of the work of the Italian artist Titian Veccelio “Danaë receiving the golden rain”, written back in 1545-1546. It is known that behind the mythological story “Danaë”, Titian written four paintings. The original of the presented copy in KFI is in the museum of Capodimonte in Naples, the other three are kept in the Madrid Prado (1553), the Vienna Art Museum and the Hermitage.

The painting of a storm in the sea attracted the audience as well; it is a fake of a painting of the creative heritage of Ivan Konstiantynovych Aivazovskyui. The experts of art of KFI determined that the exhibit is written by an unknown artist and on the level of skill does not correspond to the creative manner of painting by the outstanding marine painter. The signature on the picture is not in the author’s painting layer and is executed much later.

Also, forensic experts got acquainted with the work of the Italian painter Luigi Baldero (the paintings of 1800 – 1899 “Chess players”, “Bodegone with musketeers” and “Bodegone with canary”) and French painter Jules Arsen Garnier (“Margarita and Doctor Faust”, written on motives of the theatrical performance).

In addition to paintings, were presented religious old printed “BIBLIA ZLOTA KLASYKOW. STARY ZAKON”, “Apostle” (1772) and “Apostle” (1564), modern editions of the legendary “Kobzar” of Taras Shevchenko and many other interesting exhibits.

In general, the monuments of history and culture are an important part of the spiritual heritage of the people. They serve the development of science, education and culture, as well as national (aesthetic, patriotic, moral, etc.) education of citizens. Due to this, an art expertise is becoming more and more popular, the objects of research of which may be various sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, printed books and much more. Forensic experts establish the presence or absence of the possibility of assigning works to the heritage of one or another author, determine the degree of preservation of the object, the presence or absence of restoration works, determine belonging to a certain period of time, and also answer the question: does the subject under research have a cultural, historical, scientific, art, archaeological or other value.

Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise will help citizens to answer problematic questions and find out the truth, in particular, in the criminalistic sense under the appointment and conduct of forensic expertise to solve identification, diagnostic and classification problems.

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