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The Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine

On August 24, 2019, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed the Decree on the commemoration of August 29, the Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine who died in the struggle for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The date is timed to the day of withdrawal from the encirclement in Ilovaisk on August 29, 2014, the day of the biggest losses of the Ukrainian army in Donbas.

Those tragic events unfolded in the east of Ukraine, precisely in the sunflower fields. That is why the commemorative dream is not just a symbol of the historical courage of Ukrainian soldiers, it is a symbol of the life of Ukraine.

Remembering the heroic resistance of the fallen heroes, their sacrifice in the name of the future of free Ukraine, truth and justice, let us also remember how thorny our people’s path to the dreamed freedom was, how many generations of freedom fighters died in unequal battles.

Today, on the Day of Remembrance of those who died in the russian-Ukrainian war, we thank everyone thanks to whom Ukraine stood and continues to defend its lands.

Let’s remember and honour everyone who died for the independence of Ukraine! The memory of the dead is eternal. It is in our hearts!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

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