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The 67th issue of the interdepartmental scientific and methodological collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” was published

The Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, even in difficult conditions of martial law, was introduced in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, in connection with the invasion of the Russian armed forces on the territory of our state, announces the release of the next 67th  issue of the interdepartmental scientific and methodological collection “Criminalistics and Forensics”.

The uniqueness of this issue is because the collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” is first published during the war, which, thanks to the heroism of Ukrainian fighters, has been going on for more than one month on our land with active hostilities and unjustified atrocities of soldiers of the Russian aggressor. Aggressors, who resort to mass killings, torture and other crimes against civilians in the temporarily occupied territories, to the destruction by combat missiles, aircraft and artillery of civilian objects critical for human life infrastructure, cultural and material values of Ukrainian society in many regions of the country. And during this period, on the pages of this publication, the content of which consists of the results of original scientific research of forensic experts, criminologists, law enforcement officers and human rights institutions, teachers and scientists, a wide range of topical issues of theoretical, methodological and practical nature is discussed, scientific discussions of scientists and practitioners are conducted.

Thank you to everyone who sent articles for the opportunity to share experiences and adopt best practices, for your conscious civic position in achieving a common goal. Your participation in events of this level demonstrates an example of ardent devotion to work in the field of forensic science; in this difficult war with the Russian aggressor, your daily work, patience, and responsibility will certainly lead to the victory of Ukraine.

The online version of the collection can be found at the link.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation and believe that measures of this level will be the key to achieving further goals in establishing truth and justice.

We are free! We are strong! We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

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