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Team of KFI carried out rafting along the South Bug River in the Mykolaiv oblast

Unbelievable leisure: the staff of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise with a large team made rafting on the South Bug River, promoting a healthy and active rest.

Specialists of expert laboratories together with representatives of regional branches visited the rafting camp of Myhiia village of Pervomaiskyi district of Mykolaiv Oblast during two-day weekend, which became the starting point of the route.

During the rest, forensic experts conducted multiple passages of the bright thresholds “Integral” and “Red Gate”, along the route they mastered the basics of technique, tactics and various methods of water slalom, visited the “Radon Lake”.

The most courageous participants conquered the thresholds of the South Bug River with body-rafting – a special technique to overcome the rapids without water craft, using only equipment in the form of a helmet and waistcoat.

In memory of the adventures of the rafting of KFI – 2018, all participants were awarded with symbolic memorable medals.

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