Head: Ruvin Oleksandr Hryhorovych

Mailing address: ua

Phone: (044) 200-29-10

Заступник директора з наукової роботи: Нестор Наталія Володимирівна

Mailing address:

Phone: (044)  200-29-24

Deputy Director for Expert Work: Olha Lukova

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-36

Scientific Secretary

Viktor Koloniuk
Mailing address:
Phone: (044) 200-29-18
Кандидат юридичних наук, доцент

Forensic Research Laboratory

Head: Viktor Kostetskyi

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-14

  • Department of Handwriting and Linguistic Examinations
  • Trasological Examinations, Weapon Research and Technical Reseach of Documents
  • Research of Materials, Substances and Products
  • Speech and Audio, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Examinations
  • Sector of Blast Research

Engineering and Technical Research Laboratory

Head: Roman Pasko

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-25

  • Building Structures Examinations, Evaluation of the Works and Property, Traffic and Technological Examinations
  • Examinations on the Operation and Use of the Real Estate
  • Examinations on Land Management and Evaluation of Land
  • Sector of Fire-Technical and Electrical Examinations
  • Sector of Examinations on Occupational and Life Safety
  • Sector of Engineering and Environmental Examinations

Auto-technical, Commodity and Special Types Research Laboratory

Head: Pavlo Borshchevskyi

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-27

  • Department of Autotechnical Examinations
  • Commodity and Intellectual Property Examinations
  • Research of Machines, Equipment, Water Transport, Aircraft and Wheeled Vehicles
  • Examinations of Works of Arts

Economic Research Laboratory

Head: Olha Lukova

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-36

Expert Activity Organization Laboratory

Head: Tetyana Holikova

Mailing address: ua

Phone: (044) 200-29-20

Laboratory of the organization of scientific, methodological activity, regulatory support and international cooperation

Head: Oleksandr Sadchenko

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-42-28

Psychological Research Department

Head: Yurii Irkhin

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-43

Military Expertise Department

Head: Viktor Savechko

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-32

Human Resources Department

Head: Lidiia Parkhomenko

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-15

Accounting and Reporting Department

Head: Inna Trusevich

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-08

Provision Department

Head: Roman Savrytskyi

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-16

Administrative Support Department

Head: Anna Terokhina

Mailing address:

Phone: (044) 200-29-29