Фахівці Чернігівського відділення Київського НДІСЕ

Specialists of the Chernihiv Branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine conducted a targeted research seminar on the appointment of forensic examinations for police and prosecutors.

The event was held at the initiative and at the invitation of the Bakhmatskyi local prosecutor’s office and the Bakhmatskyi police department of the Chernihiv Oblast with the participation of investigators under the jurisdiction of the local prosecutor’s office (Bakhmatskyi, Koropskyi, Borznianskyi and Talalaivskyi regions).

Hryhorii Vasylenko, the Head of the Chernihiv Branch of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise in a welcoming speech noted that such meetings are extremely necessary and effective. In his report he uncovered the question of the existing structure of forensic expertise in the state, its legislative and regulatory framework at both territorial and local levels. The investigators paid special attention to the methodology, technique and procedural side of identifying, seizing and processing physical evidence (traces, objects, etc.) as objects of research for subsequent forensic examinations.

Based on the analysis of the appointment of forensic examinations, the experts of the department provided explanations of a methodical, scientific, technical and procedural nature in the areas of specialization, including the appointment of handwriting examinations, technical research of documents, linguistic examinations. The presentation was made by the chief forensic expert Oleksandr Humenskyi, who also drew attention to the classification of forensic examinations of weapons research.

Leading expert Eduard Koretskyi provided pieces of advice on issues of examinations of materials, substances and products: paints and coatings, plastics, petroleum products and fuel and lubricants, alcohol-containing mixtures, chemicals and special chemicals.

The interest of investigators arose with the report of Tamara Ruban, the leading forensic expert, who revealed the topic of construction, technical, appraisal and construction expertise.

Maryna Doroshko, senior forensic expert, told about the requirements for the provision of research facilities and a list of necessary initial data related to the automobile and commodity expertise.

Significant interest of the participants arose during the consideration of land technical, appraisal land and expertise on land management issues, which were reported by forensic expert Vadym Kurinnyi. The theoretical presentation was transformed into a practical plane using a complex of modern geodetic equipment (quadrocopter, GNSS receiver, laser total station).