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Specialists of KFI visited the UK expert laboratories

Viktor Kostetskyi, the Head of the Laboratory of Criminalistic Research visited the UK forensic laboratories in the cities of Evesham and Malvern.

The working trip took place within the framework of a professional training program aimed at acquaintance with modern methods of detection and investigation of hidden fingerprints and body fluids. This event was initiated by the company “Foster + Freeman”, which organized the international seminars “Fingerprints Examination” and “Identification of biological fluids”.

Within 5 working days, specialists from Ukraine and other countries attended a course of seminars that were previously only available to police and law enforcement expert organizations in the UK.

Speakers at the seminars were experienced forensic experts from leading law enforcement and forensic institutions in the UK, who presented reports on the following topics:

  • The detection of the invisible: the latest achievements in images reflected in ultraviolet infrared light;
  • Innovative technology for restoring fingerprints on the surface of ammunition;
  • Enhanced image technologies: maximizing results, enhancing photos and using software to remove complex backgrounds and enhance the quality of fluorescent fingerprint images;
  • Multi-spectral studies of bodily fluids, in particular, tissues;
  • Multi-spectral fluorescence for detection and investigation of bodily fluids;
  • Image in reflected UV light;
  • Infrared image to reveal blood on colored tissue;
  • Reflected IR light;
  • Images of curved and cylindrical surfaces;
  • Capture fingerprints and research evidence in the visible spectrum;
  • Enhanced lighting, fixing and enhancing fingerprints, etc.

The training sessions were combined practical demonstrations with interactive exercises; it covered the advanced aspects of fixing and improving fingerprint images.

The delegates at the visited enterprises could observe the operation of the devices and conduct the following research:

“Foster + Freeman” – an analysis of the authenticity of documents (passports, currency, securities, etc.); analysis of the pressed text on paper; identification and search for fingerprints on various surfaces; analysis of fibers, glass fragments, ink, etc; devices for detecting biological fluids.

“Malvern Panalytical” – an analysis of the variety of materials: from proteins and polymers, suspensions and emulsions of particles and nanoparticles to sprays and aerosols, industrial powders, minerals, highly concentrated hydrocarbons and solids such as metals and building materials, plastics and polymers.

The workshop participants also had the opportunity to visit a specialized training center at “Foster + Freeman” Headquarters, which provides excellent training opportunities, along with access to a full range of forensic technology of the new generation.

The equipment makes it possible to measure various parameters, including the size, shape and concentration of particles, chemical composition, zeta-potential of particles, protein charge, molecular weight, mass and conformation, interaction and stability of bimolecular systems, rheological properties, element concentrations and crystallographic structure (including illegal drugs, counterfeit medicines, “white” powders) mixtures of powders, soils, trace products of the shot, sources of pollution of various types and many others.

In general, the trip facilitated the exchange of experience and the adoption of the best expert technologies of the work of foreign colleagues. Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise will continue its activities aimed at developing international cooperation and raising the status of Ukrainian forensic expertise on the world stage.

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