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Specialists of KFI took part in the workshop “The current state, problems and prospects for the development of explosive and technical expertise”

Representatives of KFI, namely assistant director Andriy Poltavskyi, experts of the Explosive Engineering Research Department Serhii Lutsenko, Valerii Bagrii, Oleksandr Vasin, Hennadii Kapustiuk, Vitalii Draliuk, as well as the colleagues from the Materials, Substances and Products Research Department, namely Dmytro Zaitsev and Oleh Sych, participated in the interdepartmental scientific and practical workshop “The current state, problems and prospects for the development of explosive and technical expertise”.

The event was held in the conference hall of the Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Pushcha Vodytsia” with the participation of employees of research institutions of forensic examinations of the Ministry of Justice, units of the Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, The Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Special Equipment and Forensic Expertise of the Security Service of Ukraine (ISEE SSU) and the Explosives Department Service of the National Police of Ukraine.

The purpose of the workshop is to update the issues of a scientific and methodological nature, which create contradictions in the execution of forensic explosive and technical examinations and require a priority decision; it has been discussed ways in which it is necessary to develop the direction of explosive expertise; exchange of experience and discussion of practical situations arising during the conduct of a forensic explosive and technical expertise.

During the workshop the speakers presented to the audience the reports on the following topics:

  • Current state and prospects for the development of explosive and technical expertise;
  • Topical issues of scientific, methodological and personnel support for explosive and technical expertise, ways of their improvement;
  • Borders of competence of forensic experts in expert specialties 3.1 “Ballistic research of firearms and ammunition”, 3.5 “Research of grenade launchers and cannon artillery weapons”, 5.1. “Research of explosives, products of explosion and shot”, 5.2. “Investigation of explosive devices, circumstances and mechanism of explosion”;
  • Topical issues of solving classifications of the tasks during forensic explosive and technical expertise;
  • Carrying out of complex expert investigations of explosions and the circumstances of the occurrence of fires;
  • Problem issues when conducting expert experiments in the course of performing explosive technical examinations, etc.

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