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Specialists of KFI studied the formation of a positive image of the civil service in the context of European integration

In the development of state-building, the historical aspect is especially important, because traditions and values serve as a guarantee of the future. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the civil service, the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service together with the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Unionand with the support of the Representative Office of the Hans Zaidel Foundation in Ukraine held a round table entitled “Civil Service in Ukraine and the formation of its positive image in the context of European integration”

The round table gathered representatives of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, personnel management services of central executive authorities, representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the EU member states, civil society institutions, international and national experts to discuss issues of common interest.

The participants of the event from KFI were Deputy Director Nataliia Nestor and Deputy Head of the Laboratory of the Laboratory of Organization of Expert Activities Iryna Tymoshok.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine the distribution of administrative traditions, the creation of an objective view of the historical features of the formation of the civil service institution on the territory of Ukrainian, discuss practical aspects of reforming public administration and public service, as well as the developing of positions on the formation a positive image of the civil service institution.

Within the framework of the participants’ reports, the process of development of the civil service of European states, in particular Germany, Bavaria, was presented during the event. Experience has shown that building a democratic society requires innovative approaches to the formation of a strategy for democratic development, taking into account European standards, including public administration.

The participants of the roundtable have agreed that the reform of the civil service is one of the key reforms, because without effective employees and proper quality of management it is impossible to build a strong, economically developed and democratic state. In order to successfully implement the reform of public administration, it is important to train highly qualified and well-educated employees for public authorities. They will be the basis for the reform of power institutions, the development of an efficient, citizen-centered, public administration.

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