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Specialists of KFI investigate the circumstances of occurrence and fires development

Experts of the department of research on labor protection, fire-technical and electrical engineering research of the laboratory of engineering and technical types of research of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise carry out complex studies that allow determining the circumstances of occurrence, development and spread of a fire.

Fires, in most cases, lead to human losses and great material damage. The cause of their occurrence can be both technical and human factors. The correct identification of the cause of the fire quite often depends on the professional work of forensic experts, the prevention of such events in the future, the identification of the presence or absence of crime.

The essence of fire and technical expertise lies in the tasks that it solves, in the subject of its investigation. Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise help in solving a wide range of problems, among which the main ones as follows:

  • the determination of a fire area (the place of origin of the combustion);
  • the determination of time and ways of spreading the combustion;
  • the determination of causes, conditions and process of a fire occurrence;
  • the establishment of circumstances that caused the occurrence and fires development;
  • the determination of fire-dangerous substances and materials;
  • the establishment of conformity of technical condition of the object with fire standards, etc.

In order to establish the mechanism for the emergence and development of a fire, it is sometimes necessary to conduct support research on issues related to other types of expertise, for example, chemical, physical, electro and technical, trace, metallurgical etc. In such cases, the fire and technical expertise becomes complex.

Experts of KFI help to citizens solve problematic issues related to the technical causes of the fire and the circumstances of its occurrence. More detailed information about all types of research can be found in the section on expert activity.

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