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Psychological features of school-age children and dependence on modern gadgets: comment given by an expert psychologist

Yurii Irkhin, Head of the Psychological Research Department of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, at the request of journalists of the TV channel “Ukraine” told how modern devices affect on the way of thinking of adults and children.

The main message of the expert is that gadgets directly affect the psyche and form the current mental state of a person in a radical way.

“The gadget today is used as a source of information, a means of communication or as a game – all options directly affect the mental state. When receiving information from a person, the psycho-emotional background naturally changes, communication means similarly affect the psyche with the semantic meaning of the dialogue, and the toy directly forms the psyche”, says the expert-psychologist and at the same time notes that increasing the level of aggressiveness for the use of gadgets depends only on the content in which one it is used.

“It is not the ordinary phone that affects the person, but the content of the conversation, the semantics, the conversation”, the expert notes, indicating that the whims of children at the moment when they pick up devices also have a different nature, that is, the person is in direct contact with the source of pleasure, and it is stopped. Of course, the child will be dissatisfied”.

According to Yurii Irkhin, the expert-psychologist of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise to correct the situation is possible by paying attention to the child. One should be wary from the moment the child turns into a total consumer of gadgets, it should limit the time spent by the child at the computer and do not transfer the functions of the educator to the computer.

It’s very simple to turn on a cartoon or a game for your child so that a child doesn’t prevent you from doing your business, but this is a not very good way of solving the problem. One need to try to spend more time with the child, to delve into child’s problems, to do interesting things together, more often to be in the open air.

The psychological characteristics of children are individual. In the expert practice of the specialists of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, there have been various cases where the motives of the children to perform certain acts basically had a completely different character than it seemed to parents at first sight.

Within the framework of the psychological examination conducted by the specialists of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the psychological state and psychological age of the child are determined as well as the motives of the actions (including the crimes committed), the fact of awareness of their own actions, the place of residence of the child with one of the parents at divorce and many other issues.

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