Участь КНДІСЕ у круглому столі «Нелегальний ринок сигарет в Україні, його негативний вплив на економіку та бюджет країни, шляхи вирішення проблеми»

October 27, 2020 Oleksandr Ruvin, Director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise took part in a round table on the topic:“ The illegal cigarette market in Ukraine, its negative impact on the economy and budget of the country, ways of solving the problem ”. It was initiated by JTI Ukraine in partnership with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and the State Border Service of Ukraine, as part of the project to combat illegal trade in tobacco products “No smuggling!”.

The round table was aimed at gathering representatives of key bodies, whose competence includes the fight against the illegal market of tobacco products, people’s deputies, representatives of the tobacco industry business, experts from business associations, representatives of executive authorities to discuss issues related to the illegal cigarette market in Ukraine and development of a vision for further combating the problem of illegal cigarettes.

The following issues were discussed:

  • Dynamics of the illegal cigarette market in Ukraine;
  • Budgetary shortfalls due to a significant share of illegal products on the tobacco market in Ukraine;
  • Impact of cigarette smuggling from Ukraine on the country’s reputation in the international arena;
  • Success of public authorities on the way of overcoming the problem;
  • Major obstacles in the fight against the illegal tobacco market;
  • Necessary legislative changes to improve the effectiveness of the fight against the problem, in particular, the need to criminalize commodity smuggling to Ukraine;
  • Further steps towards combating the illegal market of tobacco products in Ukraine by the state, business and society.