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Participation of representatives of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise in the conference “Current Issues of Forensic Examination and Forensic Science”

Representatives of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise – Oleksii Komandyrov, Head of the Project Documentation Research Department in Construction, and Andrii Poltavskyi, Assistant Director, became participants in the international scientific and practical conference “Current Issues of Forensic Expertise and Forensic Science”.

The event brought together representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, state authorities, local self-government, forensic institutions, law enforcement agencies, universities, academic institutions and foreign guests in the general discussion. The scientific event was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Honored Professor Mykola Bokarius.

The aim of the conference was to highlight the scientific heritage of the Honored Professor Mykoly Bokarius, its influence on the development of forensic expertology in Ukraine as well as to study the problems of scientific, methodological and information support of forensic science, the problems and trends of forensic science at the present stage of development of our state.

Subjects of the conference covered the following areas:

  • scientific heritage of the Honored Professor Mykola Bokarius and its importance in the development of modern theory and practice of forensic examination;
  • theory, history and methodology of forensic examination; legislative support of forensic expertise in Ukraine;
  • topical issues of the theory of forensic examination; expert practice: modern methods and technologies;
  • expert didactics – development prospects;
  • International experience and prospects for the development of forensic expertise in Ukraine and abroad; problems of reforming forensic expertise in Ukraine;
  • ways of development and improvement of science and education in the field of forensic expertise.

The speakers of the event were leading scientists, forensic experts and employees of domestic and foreign forensic institutions, universities, graduate students, employees of legal and law enforcement industries. During the meeting, the participants discussed the directions of the future forensic expert activity and the stages of its implementation. During the event, acute, controversial issues of the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations in various types of production were considered.

According to the results of the conference, a collection of scientific theses and reports was published and a resolution of the conference was adopted.

The resolution of the conference was brought to the attention of the staff forensic institutions, scientific organizations and institutions in order to continue the discussion of the issues worked out in a dialogue format for the joint solution of these and other important tasks of forensic examination and forensic science.

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