Employees of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise took part in a meeting of the working group on the preparation of the practical manual “Actions of police officers in identifying and seizing documents with signs of forgery”.

The meeting was held on the basis of the Educational and Research Institute No 2 (Institute) of the National Academy of Internal Affairs with the participation of the Institute’s staff, the Main Investigation Department of the National Police, the expert service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Main Forensic Center of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The practical manual, which is planned to be developed under the auspices of the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine, is the third edition devoted to the actions of the police in certain circumstances.

The first edition of “Participation of a specialist in the inspection of the crime scene” (2017), reprinted twice, contains algorithms of specialist’s actions when inspecting the crime scene, features of identifying, fixing, withdrawing and packing trace information, tactics of actions when inspecting the crime scene in certain situations.

The second edition of “Actions of police officers in case of detection of weapons and explosive devices or traces of their use”, which is now being prepared for publication, discusses the main actions of police officers when receiving reports of the detection or use of weapons and explosive devices and the threat of explosives. The main traces of the explosion and the use of weapons, the classification of firearms, cold arms and explosive devices and substances are given.