Organizational structure of KFI

Criminalistics Laboratory

  • Handwriting Department
  • Questioned Documents Department
  • Trasological, Ballistic, Explosive and Weapon Research Department
  • Materials, Substances and Products Research Department
  • Forensic Speech, Audio Analysis and Forensic Information Technology Department
  • Linguistic Research Sector

Engineering and Technical Research Laboratory

  • Construction and Real Estate Valuation Department
  • Department of Research in the Operation and Use of Real Estate
  • Land Management and Land Assessment Department
  • Life Safety Research, Fire Engineering and Electrical Engineering Research Department
  • Environmental Engineering Department
  • Department of Design Documentation and Cost of Construction Research
  • Quality and Cost of Road Construction Research Department

Laboratory of Auto-technical, Commodity and Special Types of Research

  • Auto-technical Research Department
  • Commodity and Intellectual Property Research Department
  • Department of Transport and Commodity Research
  • Art Research Department
  • Commodity Research Sector of Military Property, Equipment and Weapons

Economic Research Laboratory

  • Accounting and Tax Accounting and Reporting Department
  • Financial and Credit Operations and Economic Activity of Enterprises Research Department

Organization of Expert Activity Laboratory

  • Methodological Support Department
  • Research Quality Control and Management Department

Organization of Scientific, Methodological Activities, Regulatory Support and International Cooperation Laboratory

  • Scientific Activities and International Cooperation Department
  • Normative and Methodological Activity and Standardization Department
  • Legal Support Department

Military Examination Department
Psychological Research Department
Human Resources Department
Accounting and Reporting Department
Household Support Department
Maintenance and Technical Department