Експерт КНДІСЕ Олександр Шмерего взяв участь у тренінгу для співробітників слідчих та оперативних підрозділів Державного бюро розслідувань

On September 9 and 10, 2021, training for investigative and operational units of the State Bureau of Investigation was held in Odesa. Oleksandr Shmereho, head of the Department of Life Safety Research, Fire Engineering and Electrical Engineering Research of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, became a guest trainer at the event.

The OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, Lviv Forum of Criminal Justice, and the State Bureau of Investigation organized the event.

The training was part of the project “Support to the State Bureau of Investigation of Human Rights Obligations”, in order to highlight issues arising in connection with the examination of crimes committed by arson or explosions.

During the training, Oleksandr Shmereho took part in the session “Peculiarities of the scene and arson inspection (expert position of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine representatives and explosives expert)”, during which he spoke about the necessary investigative actions, features of the scene inspection and evidence collection necessary for forensic examination. Practical examples of arson operations were also provided.