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Modern equipment of the criminalistics researches laboratory of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise is the leader among forensic expert institutions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in terms of the number of examinations performed. According to the results of activity in 2017, experts of KFI conducted more than 46,000 forensic examinations, most of which were performed on criminal cases.

Many years of experience and a continuous improvement process helps to maintain a highly professional level of expert, scientific and methodological work. It is to be recalled that in July 2018 KFI will celebrate its 105th anniversary. Experts of the Institute take care of the best traditions of the implementation of forensic expert activity of the past and continue their development at the present stage of existence.

The material and technical base plays an important role in the qualitative implementation of forensic expert activity, in particular the reduction of the time for performing forensic examinations, as well as the accuracy of the findings and the strengthening of the evidentiary value of the research results.

Thus, the experts of the criminalistics research laboratory received new modern equipment and conducted practical master classes with foreign experts.

During the last lesson, the experts got acquainted with the work of a new generation automated comparator of with advanced capabilities. The device is used to check documents (passports, travel and settlement documents, official letters, banknotes, cash and commodity checks, etc.), including supervision of security functions and detection of violations. The combination of multi-wave LED lighting technology, effective digital image processing tools and intuitive software, make it possible to explore a wide variety of documents types.

It is to be recalled that as part of the technical examination of documents experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise conduct the following research:

Research of requisites of documents

The main tasks of technical expertise of requisites of documents are the following:

– establishment of facts and methods for making changes in documents (erasure, etching, adscript, photos’ reglueing, letters, etc.) and revealing their primary content;

Note. Original documents are provided to conduct a study on the establishment of the fact of making changes in the original contents of documents.

– identification of embedded, painted over, faded and other poorly visible or invisible texts (images) on various materials, as well as texts (images) on burnt documents, provided that the paper on which they are depicted does not turn into ash;

– establishment of the type and identification of writing devices on strokes;

– determining the relative limitation of the execution of a document or its fragments, as well as the sequence of drawing strokes that intersect;

– establishment of a document made by installing with the use of copying equipment and computer hardware.

Research of the materials of documents

The main tasks of the examination of printing forms are the following:

– establishment of features for the manufacture of printed means (forms) and
their reflecting in prints;

– establishing the letters to a specific font set;

– establishment of type, system, mark, model and other classification categories of printing equipment (typewriters, cash registers, telegraphs, other letter and digital devices), identification of these means for the imprint of their marks; establishment of the change of the original text of a document executed on a typewriter;

– establishment of the type and identification of computer and copying equipment on the material documents produced with their help;

– establishment of a method of printing impressions of seals, stamps, facsimile; identification of seals, stamps, facsimiles, etc. with their impressions; the correspondence of the time of drawing of the seals, stamps date of the document making;

Note. Original documents are provided for the examination of documents on the identification of seals, stamps (including facsimile), and the formation of the conformity of the time of printing of seals, stamps, the date of document manufacture.

Research of printed forms and other means of making documents

This examination solves the issues of establishing the kind, type (of another classification category) of materials on which and with which the document was made (paper, dyes, adhesives, etc.) and their common (different) generic (group) affiliation and determining the absolute time for the execution of strokes of handwritten notes in the documents.

Additional information is given in clause 3 of Section I of the Scientific and methodological recommendations on the preparation and appointment of forensic examinations and expert studies, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, dated 08.10.1998, No. 53/5 (as amended).

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