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May 16 in Ukraine celebrate a unique holiday – Embroidery Day

Experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine support the Ukrainian traditions and celebrate the Day of embroidery.

World Embroidery Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. Today the holiday has won wide popularity among Ukrainians and abroad, it is intended to popularize Ukrainian culture and traditions as well.

Embroidered shirt is a national shrine! It is the embroidery shirt symbolizes and bears the spiritual wealth, high wisdom and traditional connection of many generations. This is our national amulet!

Each region of Ukraine is incomparable in the technique of making unique embroideries. Each craftswoman from different places used different embroidery techniques, and the particular difference was precisely in the ornaments. Each area of Ukraine presents unique embroideries.

The wisdom and strength of the millennial tradition gives us inspiration and energy. We wish you all good health, faith and strength for new achievements, the happiness of everyone for the sake of the prosperity of Ukraine. Happy holiday!

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