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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise took part in a practical workshop

From 19 to 23 July 2021, based on Odesa Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise was a practical workshop “Introduction and international practice of using modern technical means and methods of document research and practical work on testing current research methods in Ukraine using tools and capabilities of video spectral comparator VSC8000 HS”.

During the workshop, modern methods of researching certain problems and ways to solve them were discussed, as well as the possibilities of the VSC 8000 HS video spectral comparator were presented.

In addition, within the program of the event, a meeting of the specialists of forensic expert institutions was held, which representatives attended from Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, and Lviv Institutes. The topic of the meeting was the problems of existing research methods, which were developed during the Soviet era, and ways to update them taking into account modern technology capabilities.

During the workshop, Victoriia Kulykovska, Head of the Technical Research Department of Forensic Research Laboratory of the Institute of Forensic Science, discussed the possibility of identifying color electrographic devices by code points to determine the brands, models of used color electrographic devices.    

In addition, specialists considered methodological approaches:

  • establishing the facts of making changes to the content of the document and the possibility of restoring its original content;
  • restoration of the content of the document, which over time has lost the strokes and elements of the signs on its surface or to which an aggressive influence was applied that is not typical of normal storage conditions;
  • identification and research of security elements of strict accounting documents and banknotes of different countries;
  • study of handwriting objects (signatures) in order to establish the implementation of technical methods of their forgery;

Thanks to the event, the experts had the opportunity to discuss the current problems in solving certain expert problems and ways to overcome them, as well as coordinate a uniform approach of experts of the scientific research expert institutions in performing examinations and the prospect of updating existing research methods while developing new ones.

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