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Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise published the 65th edition of the interdepartmental scientific and methodological collection “Criminalistics and Forensics”

The unique experience of many years of the institute’s functioning, in particular, its systematic research work annually summarized and has been highlighted for 56 years in the interdepartmental scientific and methodological collection “Criminalistics and Forensics”. It publishes materials on current issues of criminalistics and forensics, the criminal process, as well as the opinions of experts, leading scientists, practicing lawyers, law enforcement officials not only domestic but also other countries of the world.

The next 65th issue of the collection “Criminalistics and Forensics” is offered to your attention, which is supplemented by a new section “Expert and Law Practice”. It attracts the attention of a number of interesting works of domestic scientists and practitioners covering the following issues. Among them are “Expert study to determine the market value of vessels and their components”; The consequences of avoiding participation in the examination in civil proceedings: a practical aspect”; The electronic segment in the criminal procedure legislation of the Republic of Lithuania”; “Digitalization processes and criminology: retrospective analysis”; “The practice of using a reusable substance in a comparative study of footprints” etc.

An innovative element of this collection is the application of a QR code on its cover, which, using the QR-Reader or other resource for working with such codes sends the materials necessary for the user. Without exaggeration, this collection is the flagship among other publications in the field of criminalistics and forensics.

We are confident that the works published by the editorial board in this edition will contribute to the further development of modern doctrine and practice in the field of forensic science, strengthening the democratic and legal state.

We express our sincere gratitude to the editors, authors, including 19 doctors of science, 41 candidates of science, as well as reviewers and colleagues who, despite the national quarantine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, made great efforts to prepare and publish the next issue of the collection.

We wish the authors, the editorial board, readers new achievements, good health and always stand guard over the rule of law and justice!

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